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Your property and surrounding areas that you’ve worked so diligently to perfect, craft and preserve could be in ruins if you have pesky animals invading your landscape. You may have spent hours and days planting the perfect vegetable garden or pruning your prize fruit trees, only to have these wild rodents and animals invade your garden, home and landscape eat up all the fruits of your hard work before you can!  Their unending nibbling and eating of your plants and fruits on your land will leave behind a decimated display and make all the efforts and hard work go right down the drain.

Wildlife can be hazardous and alarming to yourself and your family. Our Long Island-based animal control and extermination experts will eradicate the offending animal’s access and cause of the animal problem by closing any entrance points where they may be entering your property or home (or removing them entirely). 

This averts the future return of the possums, raccoons, squirrels, bats, groundhogs, mice and other nuisance animals to your property.

In order to catch a specific type of animal you must think like that animal.  Our Long Island team of expert animal control professionals take into consideration the exact species that we are trying to catch. The best methods we have of removing animals would be to humanely remove them from your location and move them to another. The best way to do so would be to locate their access points to your home and property and block those access points from entering again. 

Wild animals can cause major damage to your property or even your home if they aren’t taken care of properly. As an established Long Island company specializing in animal control, we can easily tell you that eradicating animals is no simple procedure. In order to do this safely, the species must be researched and removed. Sometimes we may use baiting methods for animals like mice or rats and other times we may use abatement methods that will effectively get pests like bats out of your home but make it impossible for them to come back in, forcing them to find another place to live.

Our wildlife, pest and animal control services are often called upon by homeowners who know they have a problem on their property or home, but don’t necessarily know how to solve it. Maybe they’ve noticed their trash cans knocked over in the morning and trash scattered across their driveway or maybe they have heard some pitter-patter in their walls in the wee hours of the night or morning. Sometimes we’re called for animal control on Long Island when the homeowner begins to notice a strong odor coming from a certain area of their home, which is usually an indication that an animal has died in the location and needs to be removed, or that the animal, such as a bat or possum may be using the location as their personal toilet or breeding ground.

Our experts can easily identify the species and remove it from the premises. Even if you think that your problem is as simple as a squirrel, we suggest that you call the experts for the jobs. Many times, if a homeowner or business owner spots an animal acting strangely, such as a fox roaming the streets during the day or a raccoon with foam at its mouth, they should never try to get rid of it on their own. 

Call our animal control professionals. We serve all of Nassau and Suffolk County.

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