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During the course of the lifespan of any home or business, the owner will at some point need the services of a good pest control Long Island NY company. Although pest control seems like something that people can do with just a few simple products, buyer beware. If you are considering doing some pest control Long Island NY on your own, you should know that the products that you purchase in the stores can be extremely harmful to pets or children if mishandles or swallowed, especially that used to get rid of rats and mice. Some homeowners resort to very inhumane efforts to get rid of animals like squirrels on their property without taking into consideration the damage it does to the species.

Our pest control Long Island NY services utilize a humane way to remove these pests from your property by creating a barrier for them to enter your home, business or property in the future and making them find a more hospitable place to live. Although many animals such as raccoons or possum are often frightening to look at, especially when you come face to face with one, the research is proof that they are a valuable part to our ecosystem and if you simply kill them off, you may have future problems on your property with their prey becoming abundant and no natural resources when trying to eradicate that particular pest too.

Pest control Long Island NY services should always be the first people called to do such a job. Many homeowners try trapping animals and dropping them off in other locations, but what usually ends up happening is they put themselves in danger of getting bitten or scratched or they inadvertently kill the animal that they were simply trying to remove from their property. They also fail to find all of the entry points and unsuccessfully try to block them, resulting in an ongoing problem that can be dangerous to those inhabiting the dwelling and family pets that might be around as well.


One telltale sign of a pest infestation is seeing problems on the property. Maybe you have seen evidence of nibbling on your tomatoes in the garden, or maybe the grapes you planted suddenly went missing. If you’re smelling or hearing things, this is also a sign of a definite infestation and should only be handled by a professional pest control Long Island NY company. Unfortunately, many of the animals that do end up becoming nuisances have diseases such as rabies which can kill in humans if they are infected or left untreated. The feces of animals such as bats, rats, opossum and raccoons often contain unhealthy bacteria that if left airborne and inhaled, can result in serious health issues for those who have ingested them. Whatever the species of animal, you should always call a professional to eradicate a pest and to ensure that they don’t return anytime soon.

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