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Animal Control Experts: Fast, Effective Long Island Raccoon Removal

No matter where you live or work in Nassau or Suffolk County, it’s safe to say that you’ve probably had a run-in with a raccoon. From densely populated suburban areas to remote rural towns, raccoons flourish on Long Island. They’re extremely resourceful animals that seek food and shelter wherever they can find it, including residential homes and commercial properties.

If you believe your property has been infested with raccoons – or you’re certain it has – professional raccoon removal is an absolute must. For fast, effective results at an affordable price, look no further than Animal Control Experts.

Identifying a Raccoon Infestation

Often, the signs of a raccoon infestation are obvious, but sometimes, they aren’t so apparent. Since they’re nocturnal creatures, you may not actually see these critters roaming about your property; however, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Since these raccoons are so abundant in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, it’s important for property owners to be aware of the signs that indicate the presence of these pests. Some of the telltale signs of a raccoon infestation include:

Trash Issues

Raccoons are scavengers and are famous for foraging through garbage cans to find food. If your trash cans are frequently knocked over, there are holes chewed in them, and garbage is scattered around your property, it’s very likely raccoons are to blame.

Unusual Sounds

Raccoons can be pretty vocal; they also make detectable noises when they move. Common noises that are associated with these animals include scratching, squeaking, scampering, screeching, and snorts. You may hear these sounds around your property or coming from inside your house. Since they’re nocturnal, these sounds are usually more prevalent at night.


If you see small footprints that resemble human hands around your property, it’s a sign that raccoons paid you a visit. If you find tracks frequently, these pests are probably living on or near your property.


Scratch marks around the bases of trees, on your deck, porch, shed, or other structures on your property may be a sign of a raccoon infestation; especially if they’re surrounded by an oil-like residue.If you spot any of these signs, contact a raccoon removal specialist as soon as possible. These pests can carry disease, can be dangerous to humans pets, and can do serious damage to your property.

Animal Control Experts: Long Island’s Leading Raccoon Removal Specialists

The removal of nuisance wildlife is a job that’s best left to professionals, as DIY attempts are usually unsuccessful and interaction with pests – especially raccoons – can put you in danger. If you want to ensure these pesky critters are successfully removed from your property, you’re going to want to call in the experts.

The highly trained and experienced technicians at Animal Control Experts offer fast, effective, and affordable raccoon removal services. We’ve successfully removed these pests from countless Long Island properties. First, we accurately identify the presence of raccoons and determine exactly where they are located on your property. Once we’ve identified them, we’ll make every effort to humanely remove the pests; however, if the infestation is severe and the pests will not vacate your property with lures and traps, we do offer extermination as a last resort. Our raccoon exterminator will use the most advanced tools and strategies to effectively eradicate these pests and restore the safety of your property.

We Put Your Pests to Rest!

Don’t put your safety at risk; let the professionals at Animal Control Experts take care of the problem for you. With a proven track record of success, we’re regarded as the best pest control resource on Long Island. Our team of experts will make sure your home or business is raccoon-free, quickly and affordably.

To learn more about our process, to receive a free estimate, or to schedule an appointment for raccoon removal, call 516.714.4288 in Nassau County or 631.458.1678. With Animal Control Experts on the job, you can have confidence knowing your pests will be put to rest!

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